Monday, March 17, 2008

I Am So Tired

Of talking about myself. I'm sick of it...I feel really bad that I've put up post after post of "hey look at what I did". Anyway, thank you all for commenting and emailing and finding ways to lift me up on your shoulders so I feel as if I've really accomplished something with my sewing and smocking and blabbering about ME! Anyway, I know I've written about Heather before but I just LOVE her. See here and you'll see why. She's an incredible writer and her (written) voice sounds like the voice inside my head. She can put words on paper like no one else. Oh, if you don't like curse words or are easily offended--please don't click the links.


jemima bean said...

Very sweet stuff here on your blog!! Please don't stop talking about yourself! :D I really enjoy seeing your projects, even though I don't have a little one to sew for (my littlest one is 10!! Eek!)

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