Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Giveaway WINNER!!!

Just threw in another beach picture of Lillian for the heck of it.

Lesson #1: Do not plan on announcing the winner to your giveaway on Halloween when your husband has left to go out of town and you are in charge of all of the evening festivities.

Sorry, guys! I fell down on the job. I really stink at trying to keep up with stuff sometimes. Life intervened and I just got around to drawing the winner. I wrote all of your names down, folded all the pieces up and had Lillian pick from my hand. And the lucky winner is.....SHANA!!!

Shana is a great friend and an equally great photographer! You can find her at Captured Studios in downtown Tuscumbia or keep up with her online. I am amazed by her talent. She keeps getting better and better and I've got to get Lillian back in there soon.

Congrats, Shana! Hope you find a little one who will enjoy this paci clip:)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Well, tonight we are going to carve the pumpkin. Every year we carve the pumpkin and I roast the seeds. My mom always did this and I have always loved those toasty seeds. I doubt very seriously that 3-year-old Lillian will try them this year but that just means more for me! This year, I am going to follow these instructions that I found while browsing recipes...sweet and simple. She gives instructions for several different ways to toast your seeds--I always do mine in the oven with a little salt and olive oil. YUMMERS!

Do you roast your pumpkin seeds? Any special spices?

Don't forget about the giveaway on Friday:) That cute little gnome would love to come your way.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Remembering...and a Halloween GIVEAWAY!!!

Just browsing through photos and found this one from last Halloween--or "Hallowing" as Lillian calls it. My how she's grown--that's what they do though, grow and say funny things and talk about poop a whole lot. Everything is poop right now. We'll be reading a story--last night it was about Arnie the Anteater--and, after I finish it, Lillian inevitably wants to "read" it back to me. Except her version involves a lot of poop. Arnie found a mouse and then he pooped. Arnie looked for ants and then he pooped. Arnie saved the mouse and then he pooped.

I've been making a conscious effort to post more, but I see that I've just spent too much time away and y'all are mad at me. I can't blame you so in the spirit of Halloween or bribery--however you want to look at it--I'm going to force you to comment. How, you ask? By giving away a paci clip--a Halloween treat. It's a cute little gnome paci clip that you can see on my flickr site. He's a cute little fella. And if you don't use a paci yourself then feel free to give it to someone that could use it. Like a one year old or a newborn. Comment on this thread and I will pick a winner (not out of my nose silly people) on Friday.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Holiday Shopping

Well, the season is upon us, and, while I think the most important part of this Thanksgiving through Christmas season is the memories we make while visiting with loved ones over meals and family outings, I also know that we love to give little gifts as tokens of our love. This year I will be supporting all of the wonderful crafty women out there. Yesterday, I shared with you the wonderful creations by Sarah & Abraham and today I am featuring Tip Junkie's Mom-Prenuer's Shop-a-thon. You can follow the link here or in my sidebar. There are so many great gift ideas from all of these wonderful Mom-prenuers! You are certain to find just about anything you need for holiday gift giving--or for yourself:)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sarah & Abraham

I ordered some notecards and an 8x10 print recently from Sarah & Abraham. When she says quick turnaround time, she means it. My shipping label was printed the same day that I placed the order and everything arrived within a couple days. I will have to take a photo of the 8x10 print. I painted a frame green and placed the pink print inside. It hangs on the blue walls of my daughter's bathroom and is just precious! I'm sure you will find something that you will love as well.

Monday, October 20, 2008


My first diptych. Straight out of the camera. Had to try it out:)


WHEW!!! I feel like I'm back from the dead. My Photoshop editing software was on the fritz and I just haven't had time to figure out what was wrong so I couldn't post pictures and I just felt like I was losing it. Well, I sat down tonight and it's really embarrassing how easily the problem was fixed. I feel like a genius, though . We moved this month and things have been a little out of whack but I'M BACK and it feels great. Here's an outfit that I made for Lil to help her show her team spirit at school on Fridays during football season.