Friday, June 8, 2007

Everything But the Blog

Okay, so I haven't been faithful with this new blog but who's got time between reading everyone else's blog, working full-time, sewing, bathing babies and cooking dinner? I mean seriously. Anyway, I found the coolest blog this week and now I am a faithful reader. Marie over at The Stitching Barn is the coolest mom ever. I envy her and all of her creative ideas...I'm already in the process of stealing her glass etching idea. She gives credit to her friend and neighbor Lorinda who I will be ordering vinyl from in just a few minutes.

If you want to talk sewing then here's some photos of a couple of sets I recently finished for a friend of mine. I think they turned out quite sweet now only if I had time to post them in my shop.

Oh and for those of you kind enough to find my blog and tag me. Thanks! I promise I'll get to that. Just as soon as I find out why Lillian is in the other room screaming...