Saturday, January 26, 2008

You Can Make This

Oh yes you can! The coolest site on the web, as far as patterns go, is You Can Make This---also known as YCMT. The money I have spent over there this week isn't to be shared with the hubby. But just think of all the money that I am saving by MAKING Lillian's clothes rather than BUYING them.

The fabric you see here is a work in progress How to Make a Peasant Top. It's just the top--not the corset. In order to complete this top, I had to learn a bit about shirring. There's a great instructions included in the pattern but more can be found in this tutorial on one of my new favorite blogs: Portabello Pixie. We'll save that for another post but I'll let you know how the shirt turns

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Well, I'm busy that's for sure. Learning to smock. Oh the fun. It really takes so much concentration that I can't imagine breathing AND smocking at the same time. I find myself holding my breath--working a few stitches--breathing--then working some more. These are just my practice stitches but before long it will be the real thing. On a real dress. On a real girl.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


I feel that I'm all the time learning something. If there's ever a lull in the learning then I seek out something to learn. It could be something simple like learning what a charm pack of fabric is:) Yes, I'm one of the few sewers who still doesn't know what one is(until about 20 minutes ago). Or it could be something BIG like smocking. I've signed myself up for a smocking class that starts Monday. I'm so excited. Even more exciting than that is in February I'm taking a quilting class. I want to learn to quilt so badly. So, in the mean time I have put my little shop on hiatus while I learn some new moves. I'll keep you posted. Here's a few things that we've been up to lately:

We went to the Christmas tree farm to find the perfect tree. Well, I guess, I should say for the experience of finding the perfect tree. I like Frasier Firs and Frasier Firs do not grow in Alabama but lots of Pines do. So we bought a severely overpriced but absolutely beautiful Frasier Fir that had been shipped from North Carolina and kept fresh in it's own little pail of water. My brother and his fiance on the other hand love Pines for Christmas so Lillian got the full experience of riding the Mule drawn carriage through the Pine fields and then walking up and down the isles of trees with our pole to measure and find the perfect Pine. We always went to the tree farm growing up and I'm excited that Lillian will get to experience this year after year.

Afterwards, I stole a few shots on the porch swing.

And between all the baking and potlucks and parties and gift buying, wrapping and giving, I found a little time to sew.

The sweetest little set for a great customer:

The snazziest of collections for a college friend of mine:

And a little something for a sweet little boy.

Of course there was more ~ this being the giving season and all ~ but this post is long enough and there are tornadoes looming in the distance on this scary warm January day, so I'll put it to rest now and go check the weather.

Happy New Year to you all!