Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Giveaway WINNER!!!

Just threw in another beach picture of Lillian for the heck of it.

Lesson #1: Do not plan on announcing the winner to your giveaway on Halloween when your husband has left to go out of town and you are in charge of all of the evening festivities.

Sorry, guys! I fell down on the job. I really stink at trying to keep up with stuff sometimes. Life intervened and I just got around to drawing the winner. I wrote all of your names down, folded all the pieces up and had Lillian pick from my hand. And the lucky winner is.....SHANA!!!

Shana is a great friend and an equally great photographer! You can find her at Captured Studios in downtown Tuscumbia or keep up with her online. I am amazed by her talent. She keeps getting better and better and I've got to get Lillian back in there soon.

Congrats, Shana! Hope you find a little one who will enjoy this paci clip:)