Saturday, February 9, 2008

I must stop

I seriously must stop browsing over at You Can Make This. When I told you all that it's my new favorite place--well, I meant it. Anyway, for about a year now I've owned a yard of the coolest material. It's chalk cloth that I ordered from Denver Fabrics but I have since heard that you can get it at Hancock's. About 6 weeks ago, I joined an AWESOME fabric co op. I have since spent my life savings there and, in the mean time, I managed to get hold of some of the Michael Miller Lolli Dot laminated cotton. I've been all giddy trying to figure out what I would do with it. Then I remembered the chalk cloth, then I remembered all the cool stuff over at You Can Make This, then I ordered this. And then I made this:

Mine is a little different than the one over at you can make this. The dimensions are a little more rectangular and I used a different technique to hold the chalk but all in all it's the same deal. I used some oilcloth around the edges--I purchased it when I ordered the chalk cloth. This sweet little placemat/chalk mat is a gift for one of Lillian's best buddies in the whole world. Maybe I'll find the patience to make another one for Lil. I would love to see your oilcloth or laminated cotton or chalk cloth creations!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

With Love

I made this outfit for Lil with a lotta love. I did it in one marathon sewing session this past Sunday. It was so much fun! Both the top and bottom are from patterns purchased through You Can Make This--my new favorite site for patterns.

The back of the dress turned out perfectly and is probably my favorite part. It looks as if it is shirred but it is actually four pieces of elastic running parallel to one another.

I promise to update on my smocking soon. It is turning out better than I had imagined and I've even learned to "picture smock" and have chosen the perfect pattern for her Easter dress. More later but for now I need to enjoy this little outfit a little longer.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Just Enough

She now has just enough hair to pull up into pigtails. For months, Lil has been handing me pony tail holder after pony tail holder until her hair is littered with little sprouts of hair like water spouts---the elastic barely hanging on to those few strands. "More! More!" She would insist not realizing that she didn't have enough hair to support one ponytail much less "More!" So just the other day, I went for it. Eureka! We got two REAL ponytails out of those curls and now she feels like a princess.

As soon as I took this photo, I knew I would have to include it as a blog posting so I went ahead and edited it so that, when I found time to write, the photo would be all set to upload. Well, the next day I'm going through my favorite blogs and what do I see but this. I thought that was pretty cool. Almost the same shot. There's something so sweet about pigtails.