Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Remembering...and a Halloween GIVEAWAY!!!

Just browsing through photos and found this one from last Halloween--or "Hallowing" as Lillian calls it. My how she's grown--that's what they do though, grow and say funny things and talk about poop a whole lot. Everything is poop right now. We'll be reading a story--last night it was about Arnie the Anteater--and, after I finish it, Lillian inevitably wants to "read" it back to me. Except her version involves a lot of poop. Arnie found a mouse and then he pooped. Arnie looked for ants and then he pooped. Arnie saved the mouse and then he pooped.

I've been making a conscious effort to post more, but I see that I've just spent too much time away and y'all are mad at me. I can't blame you so in the spirit of Halloween or bribery--however you want to look at it--I'm going to force you to comment. How, you ask? By giving away a paci clip--a Halloween treat. It's a cute little gnome paci clip that you can see on my flickr site. He's a cute little fella. And if you don't use a paci yourself then feel free to give it to someone that could use it. Like a one year old or a newborn. Comment on this thread and I will pick a winner (not out of my nose silly people) on Friday.


Captured Studios said...

I loved that Halloween outfit and Lillian is too cute as always! (Oh, and don't count me on your give away!) I just wanted to tell you I love the outfit you made for Ragan. I want to get Aubrey a shirt like that for Christmas. You are amazing! I love your clothes.

Whitney of lilli tutu said...

Thanks, Shana! Of course I'll count you and I'll be happy to make a shirt like that for Aubrey:)

Bethany said...

Very cute Halloween costume! Did you make it yourself? ADORABLE!

laura - dolcepics said...

Hi Whitney! That is one cute picture of your Lillian. Can't believe Halloween is already upon us! This is a cute blog you have here.

Tammy Robbins said...

Too funny! I just read this out loud to Robbie. We are saying "poop" a lot in our house, too, thanks to our new puppy!

Love your blog!

Megan said...

I've been following your blog for a little while (ever since I marked your shop as a favorite on Etsy). I too am an Etsy mom who makes paci clips. I think all of your stuff is adorable and I love seeing your projects on your blog. By the way, my mom has been smocking the same chocolate bunny dress for my two girls, maybe she will finish them in time for this Easter :)