Sunday, March 23, 2008


What a fun and busy weekend. My beautiful sister was in town for an Easter visit and we had so much fun dying eggs, hiding eggs and letting Madelyn and Lillian play together. Madelyn is my niece and is just 16 months older than Lil. Saturday we went shopping and stopped by the fabric store to get some fabric for some beach dresses that I'm going to make for the girls. I turned my back for 2 seconds ( I SWEAR) and when I turned back around Lillian was in the process of painting her eyes with lipstick. The kind that is long lasting. The kind that is pretty much just permanent marker in a tube. I had to scrub and scrub to get it off. You would have thought that I was pulling her fingernails out one by one though by the sounds coming out of her mouth. However, on Easter morning, her eye was still puffy and rug burned so I think maybe I did scrub too hard. Hence the reason that this was her best side this morning.

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