Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Family Time

When Chad isn't here at night, Lil is somethimes still up at 9:40 pm. Only because she doesn't "WANNA GO TO BAAAYED!!!" There's a bunch of other reasons too like she "wants some GUMMMMM!" Or she needs to "GO POTTY"--a phrase she rarely utters unless it's bed time. One of the best excuses is that she doesn't want to close her eyes. That leaves me saying 'you don't have to close your eyes, just go to sleep'. NOW!!!
Anyway, I was sitting down to post about what a great time we had at camp this weekend. But I sat down to post this over an hour ago and once I got the photos edited and uploaded and once I got the "GUMMMM!" and once I took her to the "POTTY" and once I realized it's now 9:50 and someone is still awake, I just don't have a lot of time to write about the fishing and the marshmallows and the swimming and all of the other fun stuff we did. So I'll let the photos do it for me. There was a first fish experience and some other cool stuff. Oh and a sweet little pic I snapped of her while she was pulling leaves off of the trees. Next time I'll start this after I put the little night owl to bed. I'll be typing away as she's sleeping with her eyes wide open.

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